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Cahuita National Park - Quick Facts

Established in 1970 this park protects 2,635 acres with approximately one-tenth of the area marine (1,067 hectares, 4.1 square miles, 3 times the size of central park NYC) of beach, mangrove, margin/edge, marine and tropical rainforest-lowland habitats.

Hiking trails

One trail winds between the beach and forest from the Kelly Creek station at Cahuita village, around the point to the Puerto Vargas station.


Marine Invertebrates – Brain, elkhorn, gorgonian, and blue staghorn corals, sea fans, lobsters, urchins, clams, ghost shrimp, and sea cucumbers. On the shore look for red land crabs, and blue fiddlers. Fish – Over 500 species of fish including French angelfish, rock beauty and blue parrotfish call the reefs offshore from Cahuita Costa Rica home. Birds – Green ibis, yellow-crowned night herons, Northern boat-billed herons, Swainson toucans, keel-billed toucans, rufous kingfishers, and the Central American curassow. Animals – tamandua, paca, coati, raccoons, howler and capuchin monkeys, sloths, armadillos caimans, and iguanas.

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